Brew kettles made of high-quality stainless steel – volume determined by customer
Malt production – turners for moving beds
Malt production – turning device for Saladin box
Malt roaster
Filling and packaging line for PET bottles

Industrial manufacturing technologies

OMNIPOL is your global supplier and systems integrator in the field of industrial manufacturing technologies for the food processing and machinery industries and related comprehensive services. We integrate these solutions into complex manufacturing systems with “turnkey” supplies. In achieving your goals, we build on our rich experience gained in more than 60 countries all over the world, expertise delivered by our professionals in the field of defense technology, our extensive corporate and agency network and specialised services.

OMNIPOL will provide you with trained personnel for the startup of the manufacturing system as well as training of system managers, equipment operators, engineers and quality control personnel. We will stay with you until you perfectly master all of your new manufacturing systems and achieve the desired quality and performance, to help you gain a significant competitive advantage and deliver customer satisfaction.

In addition to the competencies specified above, the services offered by OMNIPOL include identification of needs from initial market research through expert analyses, the consistent and effective communication of our solutions through essential communication channels, business execution, including all export processes, financial services, maintenance services, training up to integration of delivered products into the existing manufacturing structures.

Industrial manufacturing technologies

  • Brewing technology and equipment
    • Breweries and microbreweries – design and complex delivery, including consulting
    • Malting plants
    • Cooking tanks, cylindrical-conical tanks for fermenting and lagering, filtration equipment
  • Bottling and packaging lines for glass, PET bottles, cans, kegs
    • Beer, milk, soft drinks, wine and other beverages
  • Wine and alcohol production technology
  • Milk processing technology
  • Bakery equipment technology
  • Machinery equipment for heavy industry - extrusion and forging presses
  • Technologies for wastewater treatment and drinking water production

Related services

  • Supervision, commissioning
  • Supplies of spare parts
  • Maintenance and repairs at all levels
  • Reconstruction and modernisation projects
  • Training and education
  • Providing export financing

Selected references

  • Equipment for breweries, malting plants and bottling lines
  • Technological equipment for mills
  • Equipment for disposing of nitrous gases
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