The VERA-NG unique passive monitoring and reconnaissance system
The principle of operation the VEGA-NG system
The SDD passive monitoring system with a working range beyond the horizon
Installation of the VAISALA weather radar

Defence electronics

OMNIPOL is a leader in the field of defense electronics. OMNIPOL provides all services in the sale of high-end electronic systems, especially unique passive reconnaissance systems for detection, identification and monitoring of air, ground and naval targets. The passive systems enable visual identification of targets from a very long distance, without being seen or detected.

OMNIPOL is a longstanding reliable business partner of the Czech Army, the Air Force and the Police, as well as a successful sales representative of leading international manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

OMNIPOL provides its partners with complex solutions tailored to their needs, including the integration of supplied products into superior systems.

Defence electronics

  • Passive long-range reconnaissance and monitoring systems, designed for detection, identification and monitoring of air, ground and naval targets
  • Command and control systems (C2)
  • Air traffic management systems
  • Communication and connection devices
  • Simulators and training devices
  • Systems for controlling access to buildings, premises and campuses
  • Jammer systems intended for protection against radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED)
  • Integrated border surveillance systems
  • Radars for military and civilian purposes
  • Meteorological systems
  • Navigation and communication systems

Related services

  • Supplies of spare parts
  • Maintenance and repairs at all levels
  • Upgrade projects (older types of radars)
  • Training and education
  • Support for offset projects (manufacturing cooperation)

Selected references

  • Export of the VERA-NG passive reconnaissance system, the system is in service with NATO
  • Export of the SDD long-range passive reconnaissance system
  • Tactical SQUIRE radars for the Army of the Czech Republic
  • Meteorological sensors and systems for military and civilian use
  • Import and maintenance of PR4G radios for the Army of the Czech Republic
  • Modernisation and maintenance of the ILS/DME airport landing systems
  • Training systems (Institute of Aviation Medicine)
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